Social media is a space that is not just about getting likes and comments. It is also a great business tool for companies that allows you to reach a huge number of recipients. Recipients who become potential customers. So how do you build an engaged community around your brand and gradually enlarge it?

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  • Insta version ad
  • Let them follow me, or 6 steps to gain followers
  • Do not take shortcuts, or what mistakes do not make

Insta version ad

Every day, millions of users publish photos and videos on Instagram. Subject? Any. It’s been 9 years since the website appeared on the market and say today that it gives advice on how to say nothing. Instagram was absorbed by Facebook, which sapped its sky-high potential, and this is currently used not only by ordinary network users, bloggers and vloggers but also by enterprises – both micro and macro. It is a platform that, using appropriately constructed and targeted advertising, does business miracles, generating huge profits for local and international brands.

Instagram’s advantages are undoubtedly the speed of publication. Photos or videos can be easily modified using the filters available in the application, and the range can be increased thanks to the original content and hashtags.

If the statistics that shout that Instagrammer’s involvement is 120 times higher than on twitter and 58 times higher than on Facebook do not convince you, there is no rescue for you. 1/3 of the world’s population uses Instagram – do you want to break out? You do it on your own and your company’s responsibility.

Let them follow me, or 6 steps to gain followers

In times that no one remembers, that is, around the start of Instagram, most of them treated the site rather jokingly than seriously. Because here the people were sent an application through which they will be able to boast of hundreds of frames of a frozen Starbucks latte or another gadget from the bitten apple banner. Today, probably all mockers are beating their breasts and paying back their honor because it turned out that Instagram is not only a social platform but also a machine for making money and a great tool to promote services and products.

To increase the number of followers and be seen by Internet users, at the beginning it is good too:

1. He supplemented his Instagram Profile

Decide whether you want to publish privately or identify the account with the company. If you choose to publish as a company, connect your profile to Facebook. This will allow you to choose the industry, fill out contact details, get access to statistics, and be able to sponsor your content. Be sure to include a link to your website in the profile description. Pay attention to the name of your profile – if you want to identify the account with your brand, put on the name of the company, but remember that you can work around this topic more creatively, unconventional reference to the industry in which you operate. In this way, you will arouse interest among Internet users. Then put a few / several photos on the board so that the recipient has something to hang the eye on at the start – a single photo does not impress anyone.

2. Promote your profile

Not only for dollars but also use organic options. Share your Instagram profile on other social media channels, add Instagram redirect to your website, send the newsletter. Work.

3. Communication strategy is a must

Don’t publish compulsively, just plan. Sit down and create an effective strategy for communication and publication of all materials on Instagram, because thanks to the consequences you will achieve your goal faster.

  • Publish photos and/or video: enjoy all the possibilities of the platform. Record Insta Stories, create IGTV channel and publish photo carousels.
  • Use filters: if you do not have access to professional photographic equipment, Instagram comes out to meet you and shakes your hand, and in it – a lot of filters will make the materials published on the website more attractive.
  • Publish on weekends: remember that social media works 24/7, it is not an office open from 8.00-16.00. Schedule publications also on weekends, then users have more time to use Instagram and potentially reach … you.
  • Use hashtags: the more hashtags, the better, but without exaggeration. 20-25 is the optimal number that will help you significantly increase the reach of your posts.

4. Share on other profiles

Leave traces in the form of likes and comments under photos on other accounts. Statistics do not stop shouting in this area because by actively commenting on the material of others, you get a chance for other followers.

5. Tag your

Tagging other users increases the chance of gaining new followers, but do it wisely. Remember them in materials that may interest them.

6. Mark location

So use geo-tags. Users often search for inspiration/information by entering a specific location. Let yourself be seen!

Do not take shortcuts, or what mistakes do not make

Not immediately Krakow … Yes, yes. No Instagram profile either. Therefore, beware of:

  • Buying Instagram followers UK – do you have too much money to invest in fake accounts?
  • Irregularities and inconsistencies – publish on a schedule, take or diligent.
  • Being ignorant – respond to your followers’ queries and interact with them. Respect for Internet people!
  • Spam – don’t be pushy in your communication and use hashtags wisely.
  • Of poor quality – under no circumstances take photos with an iron. Publish good content.
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