If you are a user of Instagram, then you will surely know that it has not more enough options for custom fonts. Although, Instagram stories provide some limited options the text has default font.

There are no more options to make the font more pleasing as according to your desire buy you don’t need to worry. All the things have not done yet, still, we have some options.

If you know some basic methods, you can still use fun and interesting fonts on Instagram. In this post, we will focus on major ways that can help you in customizing fonts on Instagram.

Free Font Generators

·         Fonts of Instagram

·         Cool Symbol

·         Sprezz

·         LingoJam

Fonts of Instagram

It is a mobile app that is easily available on the Play Store and also on the App Store. This app can help you in making useful bio and caption using different fonts. You can also add text decoration. It is the best tool for creating engaging Instagram bios, comments, and captions.

In the below screenshot, you can see the different options that you can choose.

Customize Font 1

Cool Symbol

It is a web-based tool and you can generate custom fonts for your bios, comments, and captions by using it. This tool has a large number of font options and you can choose any one that you like forms these. You can also use symbols with your text to make it more interesting and catchy.

This app works like other web apps that you use to generate different fonts. You just tap your text and it appears in different formats and you choose of your interest.

Have a look at the below image:

Customize font 2


This one is totally different from all other apps and tools because it is not a font generator, actually, it is a custom keyboard. This can be called an alternative to a regular keyboard on your cell phone. To use this keyboard, you just only need to change your keyboard in your mobile setting.

Once you have selected this keyboard, now you can add any fonts, emojis, and a lot of more. Like other tools, you don’t need to type your text and copy it to paste in your desired post or place. You can also change fonts in your keyboard setting and select the font that you like.

The below image is taken from this keyboard app from a regular mobile device.

Customize font 3



It is one of the most popular and easy to use web-based font generator. It works the same as like “Instagram Fonts” tool. You just only need to type the text in type box and you will see the possible font options in another box on the right. There is more than 90 font style and you can choose your own. Once you have selected your liked font, copy it and paste it anywhere where you want it to use.

See the below image:

Customize Font 4

Some Best Practices

Now, you know all the possible methods to change fonts on Instagram and you can use any of them that you like. You must also need to follow some basic practices to enhance your font changing skills:

  • Avoid using too much decorative text because it looks informal and childish, especially when you are using your business account.
  • You must use the font that is easier to read.
  • You must keep your font consistent for all your text because it will help you in making a good sense.


As a platform, Instagram is very user-friendly. Although, it has not launched too much feature for customizing text possibilities still exist.

Instagram stories have more font options as compared to other content like bio, comments, and captions. For all these purposes, you can use third-party tools and apps where you can write using your preferred fonts.

You can also keep in mind other best practices when using custom fonts.

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